I'm an award winning reporter with several years of professional experience at stations throughout my home state of Iowa.

Since 2014, I've worked for the top rated station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I've taken on many roles. I began as an intern, earning time in our newscasts as a senior in college. Prior to finishing my degree, KCRG hired me as a full-time general assignment reporter; a role that helped me discover my love for healthcare reporting. Since December 2015, I've led our coverage of Iowa's move to a privatized Medicaid system. More recently, I've led KCRG's effort to launch an investigative unit. Instead of turning a story daily, I file FOIA requests, analyze data, identify trends, and review documents - all with the goal of telling two major stories each month.

My goal is to look past the surface of any story I tell. For example, when a crossing guard in North Liberty died after a car struck her in the intersection, instead of only reporting her death, I found county records that showed the city failed to maintain five of six safety changes recommended years before. We were the only station in the market to share that information with our viewers, and many reached out to thank us. You can find another example in a story I shared from Kansas. We traveled outside our viewing area to learn what lessons Iowans could learn before the state moved to a privatized Medicaid system. After a three day trip to Kansas to meet with lawmakers, hospital CEOs, and families who experienced the same switch three years earlier, I was able to preview what problems Iowa will likely encounter in the near future. Legislators discussed my story on the Iowa Senate floor the day after it aired as they grappled with an oversight bill. Additionally, following a large apartment explosion that displaced dozens of residents at a low-income complex, I dug up housing inspection records that showed the landlord had failed previous inspections, which included citations for a lack of working smoke detectors. Again, no other station reported that information.

Prior to joining the KCRG team, I worked for our competition as an intern. At KWWL, I filled in as the Iowa City bureau reporter during my internship as the station searched for a full time reporter. As a student, I led the station's social media coverage on weekends, particularly with Hawkeye football games which I also helped shoot, and turned vo/sots for evening shows. My time at KWWL pushed me to become a self-starter, because I worked alone, a skill that I believe has helped me be successful in my investigative role now.

Before my time in eastern Iowa, I completed several internships, including some print opportunities not listed on my resume. I also spent a few months in DC, researching larger stories for a network correspondent while completing college classes.

In my free time I like to run outside, which typically means making frequent stops to pet any puppy I pass. I hope to complete my first half marathon soon.

You can reach me via email at sarahmreports@gmail.com.